The Price of Sprawl

What Can YOU Do? is doing something that has never been done before — bringing the hidden costs of over-development out of the closet and into the sunshine for all to see — and for YOU to use.

How do we get elected officials to stop pretending that more new development just pumps up the taxbase, when in fact it usually costs more than it brings in? Use our data table, together with our Sprawl Cost Calculator, to calculate the costs of new developments proposed in your community, then use these facts and figures to inform the public, the press and your elected officials about the true costs to taxpayers. is a tool to empower you. Floridians need specific steps to take to end Florida politicians’ abusive tradition of sticking taxpayers with the bill for new development. We need a public dialogue to frame precisely what these steps should be. For those of you already experienced at fighting over-development, your insights are important.

Get involved.

Share your successes and lessons learned on our Facebook page and send us your thoughts and suggestions. Let folks know what expertise you have so others can learn and benefit from you.

Is there something about the costs of over-development that we are missing? Let us know.

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